Marketers recognize Facebook as the most relevant platform for business. It has 1,47 billion active usersd daily. The Facebook pages allow you to increase traffic on the website and generate leads. It also helps you to connect with your target client. It provide page insight to analyze your performance as well.  

To get clicks and generate leads, you need to stand out from your competitors. You need a visual edge with great Facebook ad design. Make graphic design part of your business strategy.  It isn’t all that hard to successfully advertise online. Here are 10 secrets to design beautiful and effective Facebook ads.

1. Keep it straightforward

Most people never read past your headline. Make sure that your few seconds with the reader is as informative and concise as possible.

2. Hype it up with a sense of urgency

“Limited offer! 3 days left.” People keep deadlines in mind. Check out AirAsia’s ad below. By giving their audience a due date, they’ll get clicks and increase website traffic sooner rather than later.

3. Make people feel safe

It’s said that fear is the emotion that most influences consumer activity. To help push sales with your Facebook ad, use magic phrases like “risk-free” and “money back guarantee.” Check out how WINC does this in their ads below.

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4. Appeal to the heart

Related interests and causes will bring your business to more specific, and therefore more authentic, audiences. Does your target audience also like sports? Movies? Pets? How about making your ads location-specific?

5. Appeal to the brain

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Include social proof, or statistics. Remember the iconic McDonald’s slogan? “Billions and billions served!” Now, we mere mortals don’t have to go into the billions, but the point is that numbers are deeply reassuring.

6. Don’t forget your call to action

“Try Now! Book Now! Shop Now!” A bit forceful, yes, but you’re not being bossy: you’re saving your interested customer from a moment of indecision. Call the shots so that they know the next thing to click.

7. Add emojis to the ads text

This is social media, not a corporate email. A personalized, conversational feel is a good thing. Don’t go overboard, though. ?

8. Use Illustrations

When done right, an illustrated ad is incredibly eye-catching. Icons and mascots are marvelous communicators. Facebook requires that overlaid text does not exceed 20% of the image area: you have the headline and the caption for that. Let your images speak for themselves as much as possible.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to use bright, engaging colors. Blue is trustworthy; green is calm; red is happy and powerful; orange is dynamic but ranks low as a favorite color. The key is experimentation: try out a few different color approaches and see what works best for your brand!

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9. Stock Photos

A stock photo subscription is a great way to access beautiful, professional images without having to go through the trouble of shooting your own. Selecting high quality, relevant images helps bring your brand into the spotlight. Images of people always work best. The sight of another human face triggers a stronger response in potential customers.

10. High Quality Images

If time and budget allow, nothing beats having high-quality images of your very own products and services. Good images keep your brand relatable, trustworthy, and most of all, click-worthy. Show images of people associated with your product. While using a stock photo is already a winning move, having an actual image of a person with your product ups conversion by 35%Even Facebook recommends this!

Let’s us help!!

According to a study of more than 100,000 Facebook ads, images account for 75-90% of ad performance. Now it’s your turn to stay relevant and launch your own online campaign. Perhaps you’re a small or a new enterprise, but that doesn’t mean you’re entirely on your own. Zooms Design provide graphic design service in the world with monthly subscriptions. More information you can check how Zooms Design works.


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