While a picture may be worth a thousand words, graphic design can be worth thousands of dollars in any business. Graphic design is more than just aesthetics. It is a form of communication between your business and your audience. Businesses use graphics in every stage of the marketing funnel to inform, delight, and eventually persuade to purchase. Let’s look at 5 reasons why graphic design is important for any business to expand brand reach and turn more profit.

1. First impressions matter.

Graphic design is important for any business to make a positive, and lasting impression. The first time a visitor interacts with your brand  will set the tone for the rest of your business relationship. The first business graphic expression may be a business card, your website, an online ad, a flyer, your latest social media post, or even your product packaging.

2. Consistency is credibility.

For any company, graphic design is crucial to maintaining reputation in its industry. 
Consistency builds credibility. If you build content that helps someone overcome challenge in their own life, they will most likely turn to you again for advice in the future when faced with similar situation.Consistent content creation is the key to building a dedicated following of people who trust your brand and believe in your message.

3. Efficiency in summary.

For any business looking to share details, graphic design is key. Hubspot estimates that infographics are really liked and posted 3x more than any other form of content on social media. Infographics are perfect way to sum up details the audience would skip over otherwise. Humans are heavily influenced by visuals. By adding relevant graphics to text can deepen our understanding and recollection of information.  Try incorporating infographics anywhere you currently use large blocks of text to explain information. Add an infographic summarizing the important stats.

4. Creativity kills competition.

For any business looking to slay competition in the marketplace, graphic design is important. Generating quality content has never been easier though many free online design resources are available today. This cost of entry in to area of content development is ideal for those who are looking to create brand. You have to get creative to stay ahead of the competition in the marketplace.Create content that approaches an idea, solves a problem, or relieves a paint point in an innovative way. If you’re looking for creative ideas to use in your next graphic design project, scan through our portfolio

5. Your message matters.

Above all, the graphic design is important to tell the story of any business. Graphic design communicates to the audience, more than just words. Even basic design elements such as font choice and color scheme can help represent an emotion or impression that supports your message.While the message of all the graphics in your business will differ slightly, they should all tell the same story about your brand. Having a branding guide in place will help you and your team choose design elements that tell the same story and keep the look of your brand consistent.


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